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Acquisition & Retention

Acquisition & Retention

The more you understand your customers, the more relevant your interactions with them can become, putting you in a better position to know how to attract the right customers, strengthen your brand and drive more sales.


    Scelas deep SEO expertise combined with our unmatched technical knowledge of Oracle ATG and Endeca gives us the strongest overall SEO offering in the Oracle Web Commerce space.

    We focus on seven primary SEO areas:
    • SEO Keyword Research & Search Traffic Analysis
    • Keyword Opportunities & Competitor Research
    • On-site Coding, Architecture, and Keyword Integration
    • Copywriting & creation of “meaningful” content.
    • Site speed & workflow optimization
    • Outbound Marketing & Link Building
    • Rankings Report & Analytics Tracking
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    What’s included in our SEO package?

    Scelas SEO team uses an arsenal of state-of-the-art SEO and Oracle Web Commerce tools to help reverse-engineer Google’s search algorithm, to identify optimal keywords for your business, to monitor how your competitors are performing at SEO and exactly why, to identify your SEO revenue opportunity and how to achieve that, and much more.

    SOA Platform Enablement:
    • Initial SEO Audit
    • Information Architecture Audit
    • On-site Content Audit
    • SEO Revenue Opportunity audit
    • SEO Competitors Audit
    • Website Usability Audit
    • Off-site Backlink Audit
    • Google Webmaster Tools Setup
    • Web Analytics Integration
    • SEO Keyword Research & Recommendations
    Integration and Deployment:
    • Monitoring of 500 Keywords
    • Monitoring of 5 competitors
    • Competitive ranking analysis
    • XML Sitemap Optimization
    • Submission to Search Engines
    • Robots.txt Optimization
    • 301/302 Redirect Optimization
    • Duplicate Content Management
    • HTML & Meta-Data Optimization
    • Front-end Coding Services (add-on)
    Integration and Deployment:
    • Weekly SEO Progress Meetings
    • Copywriting Services (add-on)
    • Content Creation Services (add-on)
    • Link Building Strategy
    • Off-site Content Strategy
    • On-Site Conversion Optimization Strategy
    • Blogging Strategy
    • Social Content Strategy
    • Gamification Strategy

    Leverage the power of social media to drive incremental traffic, improve the quality of your customer data to create highly personalized experiences, and generate positive buzz about your brand.

    Scela software solutionshas partnered with the best social media platform providers in the industry who are on thecutting-edge of uniting social with commerce.

    Social Media Technology
    • Virtue
    • BazaarVoice
    • Gigya
    • Janrain
    • Radian6
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    Let us help you grow sales, while improving your overall site and brand experience, by identifying and testing ways to increase conversion rates.

    These are a few key site areas we help you focus on and improve, primarily leveraging Oracle ATG, Endeca Search, Endeca Experience Manager, as well as your site analytics tools:

    • Page abandonment rates
    • Shopping cart abandonment rates
    • Average Order Values
    • Average Item Value
    • Customer Return Rates
    • Number of product viewed
    • Merchandising Optimization
    • Upsell Optimization
    • Search Facet Optimization
    • Promotions Optimization
    • Personalization
    • Site Performance Analysis
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    Consumers respond most frequently to experiences that present relevant choices.
    Scela software solutionsCommerce will help you deliver relevant experiences to your customers using our three step methodology:
    Step 1:

    We start by working with you to define the optimal customer segments for your business.

    Step 2:

    Next, through a series of interactive workshops, we help identify the content and messaging most appropriate for each customer segment.

    Step 3:

    Once customer segments and personalization rules have been defined, we leverage various personalization and A/B variant testing technologies to determine and deliver personalized communications that translate into highly relevant experiences for your customers.

    Personalization Technology
    • ATG & Endeca
    • Certona
    • Rich relevance
    A/B Testing Technology
    • Adobe Test & Target
    • Optimizely
    • Google Experiments
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    Win customers and sell more by delivering consistent experiences across your selling channels.

    Customers interact with your company across multiple touch-points during the lifecycle of their purchase. Increase conversions and improve customer lifetime value, by delivering the right message, at the right time, whether a customer is on your website or mobile site, reading email, socializing on Facebook, or talking with customer service. Scela software solutionsCommerce will help you deliver consistent, cross-channel customer experiences using our three step methodology:

    step1: We start by helping you define your cross-channel communication strategy and goals.

    Step 2: Next, we work with you to create a cross-channel communications model, identifying the types of messaging, the types of touch-points or channels, the types of customer segments, if applicable, and the business rules that define when a particular message is delivered, to which customer, and which channel.

    Step 3: Once our cross-channel communications model is defined, we leverage various technologies within your commerce ecosystem to automatically deliver cross-channel communications that translate into highly relevant experiences for your customers.

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