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    Are you really using your data?

    In today’s information age, data is being generated at record breaking speed.

    Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Wal-Mart produce more data on a daily basis than many organizations have ever generated; and this data is continuing to explode as technology advances and collection methods improve.

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    But, how far can all this data take you if you can’t harness it, understand it and effectively use it?

    Organizations can no longer expect to route all data through a data warehouse and use standard reporting systems. The volume is too large and the mix of structured and unstructured information doesn’t allow for effective analysis.The ideal single version of the truth is no longer achievable – information is too varied and business needs are too diverse. As unfettered analysis becomes unreliable; BI and analytics must integrate into new business processes.


    Successful organizations understand the value of data as a competitive and predictive tool.

    Scelas provides the knowledge to implement it. Imagine having the power to unveil greater insight with minimal investment; mining and analyzing the data that you already own for a fraction of a cost of more traditional market research data. Tap into social media, gather unbiased opinion, analyze how people respond to your products, services, campaigns, announcements and identify trends.

    At Scelas, we allow you to tremendously boost your business insight by enabling your access to this information. Our team of experts in Hadoop based Big Data technologies has allowed us to develop a leading-edge platform for applications and reporting environments that ensures you can maximize the use of internal and externally sourced unstructured/semi-structured data. Using our Agile DW methodology, we help organizations attain the necessary tools that can be easily integrated with existing DW systems to implement and use their data faster, more effectively and with guaranteed business results. Contact us today to speak with one of our Business Intelligence experts specializing in Big Data and gain a better understanding of where your data can take you.