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CMS Architecture


    Your business challenges are anything but generic, so why implement a generic workflow model? Unlocking the true value of your CMS requires more than simply finding the right platform and selecting a few templates. At Scela, we believe that your workflow logic should conform to your business goals, not the other way around.

    That’s why we build custom workflow designs that are structured to optimize your business processes, are capable of responding to evolving business needs and create better user experiences that increase revenue and lead to lasting relationships.

    By working with Scela software solutions build a custom workflow design, your IT leaders will be better equipped to align their content management efforts with the business goals of your organization as a whole.


    Selecting the right development platform is just as important as choosing the right CMS—the efficiency of your business processes depend on applications that can seamlessly integrate into your IT infrastructure. The LAMP architecture offers quick and easy deployment through a technology composed of:

    • Linux
    • Apache
    • MySQL or MariaDB
    • PHP, Perl or Python

    Working together as an open-source stack, LAMP is adaptable to your needs, provides easy deployment and avoids any integration problems between the stack components.

    Contact us to discuss your goals and see how Scela software solutionscan help you build, deploy and manage your content.


    A seamless transition into a new CMS is essential to maintaining business continuity. Determining and executing the right migration contingency plan for your specific needs will significantly mitigate risks and maximize the value of your investment in content management

    Scela software solutionswill help your IT leaders deliver full operational efficiency of business-critical content by implementing a tailored migration strategy that meets your needs. In addition to working with your key stakeholders and IT leaders to determine the scope and scale of the project, our team will help you decide the best migration method—be it phased, parallel or big bang.

    No matter the size or complexity of content, we ensure that the right people have the right access to the right information, and that all high-level business decisions are addressed in coordination with key stakeholders and IT leaders.


    In order to select a CMS that fits the needs of your organization, it is important that you have a team capable of developing with a wide variety of scripting languages—otherwise, you might end up limiting your options and not find the CMS that’s right for you.

    Depending on the diversity of your content and the channels you wish to optimize (touch, tablet, mobile), different languages will offer different benefits. Scela software solutionsexpert developers are proficient in today’s leading languages, including:

    • Java
    • PHP
    • .NET
    • Velocity

    IT leaders can rely on Scela software solutions provide the level of support needed to deliver your mission-critical applications and get the most out of your digital assets.