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Scela software solutions is a leading provider of open, scalable, next-generation commerce technology solutions for Tier 1 retail. Retail success is increasingly technology based. Seamless integration across all channels is now mandatory and off the shelf solutions will not drive competitive advantage. Many retailers are also not agile enough to keep up with the number of releases they need to drive the business and stay on top of software changes. The ultimate goal is to provide an exceptional shopping experience across all channels but retailers find it difficult to deliver technologically. The benefits of seamless cross-channel experience, according to include increases in transaction size of as much as 35%, increases in online conversion rates of as much as 45%, reduction in inventory loss that can be as high as 60%, and improved customer service.


Global E-Commerce

Global Commerce sales to reach 1.2 trillion by the end of 2015. What are your opportunity costs if you don’t expand internationally

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Strategy & Intelligence

Achieve real business results, by working with Scela software solutions articulate the right strategy and to take action based on calculated insights.

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Technology development

With over 13 years of experience developing commerce technology solutions, we know a thing or two about how to get things done right.

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